This Leopard Considered A Cow As His Mother And Visted Her Every Night

The Engrossing Tale of a Cow and a Leopard

A farmer named Abraham Amel from an unknown location had a cow named Abiba, which was his prized possession. At night, he noticed that something unusual was happening to Abiba’s pen. The fence had been busted open, and the straw had been shifted around. When he went inside the pen, he discovered that his beloved cow was sleeping in the pen, as content as ever. However, he also saw markings that appeared to be those of a predator. He spent the entire day strengthening the pen but couldn’t figure out why the animal came into the pen yet left Abiba alone. The following night, he discovered that the animal that broke into his pen every night was a leopard. He was stunned but relieved that his cow was in good health. He spent the entire day strengthening the pen again and again. However, every night, the leopard would visit Abiba’s pen and check on her 

Abraham’s cow Abiba had a troubled upbringing. Her mother discarded her when she was born because she was the tiniest cow in her litter. Abraham despised seeing an animal in agony and nurtured her to keep her alive. She was frail, but thanks to Abraham’s efforts, she recovered to an adequate level of health. He formed a bond with the little cow and ensured that she would survive. He also opted not to sell her and kept a careful check on her while she was staying at his farm. However, he had no idea that she would get an unexpected guest. At night, something unusual began to happen to Abiba’s pen. When Abraham awoke in the morning, he would go around the farm feeding the animals. He’d get to Abiba’s pen only to find that things were different. The pen’s fence had been busted open. As he ran inside the enclosure to ensure she was alright, his eyes got as big as ever. He was stunned
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