Deadliest Dinosaurs That Kong and Even Godzilla Were Afraid of

A significant number of individuals have been persuaded to believe in the superiority of these two “Alpha Titans.”” Why wouldn’t we? These monsters both stand over 100 feet (ca. 30 m) tall, are extremely strong, practically unkillable, and when they do die, they miraculously spring back to life – not forgetting the atomic breath-blowing Godzilla whose destructive blasts somehow brings forth life. Both monsters have won their way into the hearts of esteemed followers, and the movie world has found a way to set up a face-off between the two. Their stories follow prehistoric events that date to the dinosaur age, which sees them and some other creatures (mostly found on Kong island and villains in the movies) become the last standing monsters of the destruction that wiped out dinosaurs. The big question is: if King Kong and Godzilla existed in real life, would they be able to stand toe-to-toe with these monsters? And since it has been proved that both Kong and Godzilla can’t grow as big or have an atomic breath as they are portrayed, we can say they can only be as big as the biggest dinosaur to have ever existed. These monsters were believed by scientists and researchers to have ruled the dinosaur age.

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